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The amount of attention the “boob sweater/shirt” has received is mind-boggling. Well, not that mind-boggling when you consider what the sweater accentuates; if you want to garner some attention on the Internet, what’s under your shirt is a quick way to do that, and that goes for both men and women!

For those who aren’t as confident about what is underneath your shirt, variety store Village Vanguard has just the thing for you. We aren’t really sure when you will find the occasion to wear a shirt like this, but when it does happen, naturally, you will be ready.

If you’ve never stepped foot into a Village Vanguard store in Japan before, it’s a little hard to describe. They have an assortment of goods ranging from books, CDs, and home apparel to character goods and foreign foods. It’s a great place to stroll through and find many unconventionally amazing goodies. To add to the extensive items, by the middle of August, shoppers at Village Vanguard will stumble upon some new novelty clothing that will certainly catch people’s eyes.

▼ Is that a clever print on your shirt, or did you just come from a pool party?

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These deviant “wet T-shirt” prints will definitely get you a lot of attention as you walk down the street, so make sure you fully consider when and where you will be displaying this particular brand of fun before stepping out…

▼ The wet T-shirt comes in blue or pink

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shirt 9

Who are the “brilliant” minds behind this T-shirt? None other than ekoD Works, of course. This isn’t the first time we’ve written about their kooky yet humorous designs, but this time they’ve got a second T-shirt that gives the illusion of a perfectly visible boob window. Not to mention sizeable cleavage.

▼ RocketNews24 is unsure which gravure model this T-shirt is based upon.

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You can fool all your friends with some clever layering and show off your wild side while being secretively conservative. Just make sure the skin tone of the shirt matches the skin tone of your actual body.

▼ “Fool me once, shame on me…”

shirt 5

These two shirts are coming soon (mid-August) to the Village Vanguard online store for the price of 3,880 yen (US$31.20) in women’s small, medium and large sizes. Of course, an actual white T-shirt + real water will cost you far less money, but how can you give up the chance to be so cleverly racy?

Source: Net Lab
Top Image: Village Vanguard edited by RocketNews24

Inset Images: Village Vanguard