While Korea these days tends to have more of a reputation for plastic surgery than skilful makeup application (we reckon Japan’s got that cornered), there are still many who think that Korean women’s makeup skills are kind of out of this world. So this Korean makeup brand decided to shoot a model into zero gravity in order to show just how easy their new “IOPE” foundation palette is to apply.

The results are about as ridiculous as you’re probably expecting, but still somehow totally entertaining…

In the commercial, which is filmed in the style of a US documentary, a bunch of foreigner dudes (and a lady) take a Korean model up into the air in order for her to experiment with applying the IOPE foundation while whirling around with a surprising amount of grace.

While a little part of us suspects that some of this was filmed in front of a green screen, possibly using rent-a-waegukin (that’s the Korean equivalent of gaijin, and denotes the same blonde, blue-eyed, big-nosed foreigner-in-Asia stereotype), the overall impression is kind of cool.

▼ “Here’s the point where I make you all throw up!”

Japan also has a lot of commercials for these foundation compact things, which are popular because they allow for easy application when you’re in a hurry and also come in handy for regular touch-ups throughout the day.

▼ Who knew applying makeup could be this much fun?

Still, we’re not sure when we’d find ourselves in a situation where we needed to urgently apply a layer of face paint in order to look pretty during zero gravity conditions. What do you think of this commercial?

Source: YouTube – IOPE
Screenshots via YouTube – IOPE