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The live-action Attack on Titan movie is currently playing in theaters across Japan, but the film adaptation’s decision to go very much its own way means it isn’t exactly scratching the itch felt by fans of the anime and manga. But while the movie and its sequel are going to have to succeed or fail by their own merits or lack thereof, there’s good news for everyone who’s chomping at the bit to see the heroes they know and love in action again, as there’s a new Attack on Titan video game on the way that looks to be much more in keeping with the tone of its source material.

Publisher Koei Tecmo has just unveiled a teaser for its upcoming PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita game based on the smash hit franchise created by manga artist Hajime Isayama. For movie-goers disappointed by the more somber tone of the recently released live-action version, the short video looks like the game will be a return to the atmosphere of heroic youths hurling themselves at their giant foes.

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With thick black outlines edging its models’ polygons, the aesthetic looks a little similar to Capcom’s Street Fighter 4 and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle fighting games.

▼ Have blades and 3-D maneuver gear, will travel (and fight Titans)

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The game’s genre has yet to be formally announced, but given that it’s being developed by Omega Force, the Koei Tecmo team responsible for the company’s best-selling Warriors family of titles, it’s probably safe to assume Attack on Titan is going to be an action game.

As a ray of light for gamers who feel the Warriors franchise has grown stale in its ceaseless sequel cycle, during the countdown to revealing its newest project was an Attack on Titan game, Koei Tecmo offered a series of hints, including the declaration that “This is not ‘Warriors.’” Considering that Omega Force has previously adapted multiple anime into the Warriors line, including One Piece, Gundam, Fist of the North Star, and come this fall, The Heroic Legend of Arislan, making a statement purposely distancing the Attack on Titan game from the Warriors brand is probably a sign that it will play significantly differently as well.

▼ Could this be the most intense continue countdown since the buzz saw lowering into the hero’s chest in the arcade version of Tecmo’s Ninja Gaiiden?

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Presently, the release date is listed as simply “2016,” and no official word has been given about overseas releases. Still, an English version of the game seems likely, given that the video directs viewers to the Twitter account of Koei Tecmo’s European branch, and also that Arislan has secured a North American release despite having a significantly lower international profile than Attack on Titan.

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