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If you’re a cat owner, you’ve probably bought a few toys for your pet to play with. But actually, your feline housemate might not need that ball of yarn or radio-controlled mouse, since it turns out that sometimes the best cat toy is another cat.

Japanese Twitter user Kuto owns a pair of cats. Judging from their sizes and overall appearances, Ko is the senior kitty on staff, while Iku is the younger of the two.

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Recently, Ko was enjoying a bout of cleaning himself, as is the feline prerogative. But all of a sudden, his grooming came to an abrupt stop.

▼ “What’s this?”

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Why? Watch and find out.

Ko had slid his tail down through the crack between the wall and the surface of the desk he was perched on, but as he contentedly swished his tail back and forth, Iku spotted the enticing and moving target.

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The elder feline took it all in stride, though, and rather than get angry, good-naturedly continued providing entertainment for as long as Iku wanted.

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The obvious downside to this, though, is that only one cat gets to play at a time. Thankfully, Kuto also provides some non-living playthings for the pair, although even then their tastes are pretty simple. Here they are going nuts over a rubber band.

Still, if Kuto ever decides to invest in more expensive presents for these two, we’re pretty sure we know something Iku would love.

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