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Japan and Afghanistan – two countries that you wouldn’t normally imagine to have an especially good relationship, or indeed any relationship at all. But in truth they get along pretty well. The Japanese embassy in Afghanistan assists in a wide variety of projects, from anti-terrorism security to investing in education to funding hospitals.

And there’s one other thing they do that’s a little unique: helping to transform the Afghanistan landscape from a barren desert into a beautiful oasis.

The results of their efforts are truly amazing. You have to see the pictures to believe the difference that they’ve made in just a few short years.

The Japanese Embassy in Afghanistan does a lot of work. You can read on their website all about what they do, but here’s just a small sample:

  • security
  • mine-clearing
  • technical training
  • infrastructure assistance
  • food transportation
  • healthcare
  • building schools
  • humanitarian and technical assistance
  • cultural preservation

Oh, and did we mention terraforming?

Together with the local population, the Japanese Embassy has worked hard for years, planting trees, irrigating fields, and turning what was once a desert into a lush landscape. Take a look at the official pictures from the embassy’s Facebook page right here:

▼ It took nine years, but the embassy helped turned this barren desert into an irrigated, fertile area ripe for use.

▼ This unbelievable transformation only took seven years.

▼ Only five years and this forest is unrecognizable as the desert it was once before.

Just taking a look at the Facebook comments, it’s obvious that Japan’s support has had a huge effect on the Afghani people. Here are a few examples, written here with a few minor changes for clarity:

“Have no words to thank the Japan government.”
“Thank you Japan. I have no words to express my feelings. You are the best people in the world. Totally speechless. This is called humanity.”
“When this canal was under work, I didn’t believe that one day this desert will be changed into such a green area. Thanks Japan for your great generosity.”
“For long time I am saying that Japanese assistance is based only on humanity’s agenda, no other agenda, no reward or interference they did or want.”
(Japanese commenter) I just hope people in Afghanistan will have a very peaceful, calm and happy life in the near future. We are the same human beings. Greetings from Japan.”

What? No, I’m not crying! That’s just some desert sand that got in my eye… or some oasis water… or something.

What do you think of these changes? Personally I never knew about the Japanese Embassy in Afghanistan, much less all the work it’s been doing. I’m excited to say what they accomplish next, and how it will affect the two countries’ relationship in the future.

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Featured/top image: Facebook (Embassy of Japan in Afghanistan) (edited by RocketNews24)