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Many people tend to forget just how huge the volume of games released for the original PlayStation was. Sony’s first dedicated console conquered the gaming world in a way that hasn’t been seen since, and with a massive user base all clustered around the same hardware and the lower production costs of the CD format attracting large and small developers alike to the market, the PlayStation’s vast library meant that many titles slipped by even the most die-hard gamers of the day.

Some twenty years later, collectors now scour used shops and online auctions for the elusive treasures they missed out on buying new. Of course, such quests take a lot of time and energy, especially when you add in the legwork of making the rounds to brick-and-mortar stores, but for gamers with classic tastes, it’s all worth it when they finally unearth that forgotten gem.

Or, you can do what one Japanese collector did, and just buy a massive bundle of every game ever released for the PlayStation in Japan.

A Yahoo! Auctions user from Chiba Prefecture with the screen name wmmft148 recently decided to put a couple of PlayStation games up for sale on the popular e-commerce site. And by “a few,” we mean 3,290 of them.

▼ That’s a whole lot of black CDs.

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Pictured in the group photo above is every game that was officially offered for sale in the PlayStation’s home market. It’s not clear if wmmft148 was as comprehensive in gathering the system’s many peripherals, but add-ons seem to account for at least part of the package, including two different colors of the Entry-Level Diet Set step controller.

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As awesome a sight as it may be, there is one chilling truth concealed in the collection, which is that the titles aren’t alphabetized, so if you felt like playing, say Valkyrie Profile, it wouldn’t be any easier to dig out of those 93 boxes than that God awful Mobile Suit Gundam 2.0.

▼ Each box does seem to be loosely chronologically grouped, at least, with this one containing early or launch releases such as Cyber Sled, Kileak the Blood, Crime Crackers, and, at the very edge, Ridge Racer.

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The listing was placed last Sunday by wmmft148 with an instant purchase price of three million yen (US$24,000). On its fifth day of tempting fans of 1990s electronic entertainment, the collection was sold for its asking price, and while for that amount of money the buyer could have purchased a brand new Toyota Corolla, we think he’ll have a lot more fun with the games.

▼ And yes, he qualified for free shipping.

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Top image: Wikipedia/Evan-Amos
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