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There are only so many days in a year, so if you’re busily trying to check each and every costume off the ever-growing list of cosplay staples, it can be hard finding time for them all. But if your schedule is looking pretty tight, you’ll be happy to know there’s a way to double your efficiency, with this new outfit that combines two established cosplay favorites: the school swimsuit and maid uniform, in one innovative piece of swimwear.

Costume designer Moira Kuchikaseya recently tweeted the prototypes of her latest creation, which she calls the Meido Sukumizu (a combination of the Japanese corrupted pronunciation of “maid” and a contracted version of sukuru mizugi/school swimsuit).

The Meido Sukumizu combines cues from the one-piece swimsuits used in school gym classes with accents of the frilly attire worn by maids in countless anime and Akihabara themed cafes. Since these obviously aren’t for actual academic use, they’re available in a wider range of colors than school dress codes ordinarily allow, although orthodox navy and black versions are also on offer.

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At first glance, it might look like Kuchikaseya just added some ruffles to the chest and shoulders and called it a day, but there’s more to the costume than that. Included as part of the bundle are a choker, waist apron and wrist cuffs. None of that sounds like it’d make it any easier to move around in the water, but given that School Fiction, the fashion label that Kuchikaseya is affiliated with, bills itself as a “Nerd & Fetish Brand,” odds are the Maid School Swimsuits are designed less for swimming and more for posing.

▼ The fabric crisscrossing over the back adds even more to the image of a maid’s apron.

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If those are just too many frills for your tastes, you can remove the ones covering the chest. Be aware, though, that in their place is absolutely nothing.

Kuchikaseya says she’ll be both modeling and selling the swimsuit, in limited quantities and medium sizes only, at the upcoming Cosholic 15 event, being held in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi on August 15. She claims it will be offered at “a special price,” and while she hasn’t put a numerical value on “special,” School Fiction’s Sailor Suit School Swimsuit currently sells through the brand’s online shop for 12,000 yen (US$96) for small and medium sizes, and 13,000 for the extra-large, here.

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And, as always when someone in Japan comes up with an original idea for a cute and sexy outfit, we should expect anime-style fan art to start appearing, oh, approximately…

▼ …now.

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