In the world of professional fighting, there are any number of big names and talented fighters who are a joy to watch. But without question one of the biggest names, particularly in mainstream media, is Ronda Rousey. She’s become the leading icon of women’s MMA, and, some might argue, for MMA in general. With her impressive record, she’s captured the imagination and hearts of fans around the world.

And considering her status, it’s hardly surprising that someone has given her the Super Saiyan treatment! But how have Japanese Internet users reacted to seeing the fighter “enhanced” with the imagery of one of the most popular anime ever?

First, in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the Super Saiyan Ronda Rousey GIF, a name so long you could choke on it.

▼ It’s less a reimagining and more a validation of her opponents’ fears.

I made a GIF of Ronda Rousey going Super Saiyan during UFC 175 - ImgurImgur (proxyrax)

It didn’t get as many views, but someone else took the GIF and synced it up with a few Dragon Ball Z sound effects. It really adds an extra dimension of “Hell no, I do not want to get in the ring with her!” to the original.

Adding to this story are comments made by voice actor Christopher Sabat, the English voice of Dragon Ball Z’s Vegeta, while speaking with Nerd Reactor. The nerd news outlet reported the remark below with the quip “Vegeta did not seem impressed or surprised,” but not everyone in Japan got the joke, as you’ll see later.

“I’ve heard of her…she’s fine…for a woman,” he started. “I’m not surprised to find that she is incredibly attracted to me…because I’m so genuinely attractive and extremely strong. She has seen my power level for what it is…She also scares me.”

She scares a lot of people, Vegeta. Don’t feel bad!

And with all the MMA and anime fans in Japan, it was only a matter of time before the GIF and video made its way to these shores. Surprisingly, reactions were a bit more mixed than you might expect. Maybe some of these guys are feeling a bit brave with the Pacific Ocean between them and Ronda…

“She also did Sailor Moon cosplay, but it wasn’t cute at all. If it weren’t for everyone calling her beautiful, I’d like her as a fighter, but everyone from her coach to other fighters are extolling her looks, and I just don’t see it.”
[In response to the above comment] “Uh, no. She’s gorgeous.”
“Someone let [Dragon Ball creator] Toriyama know about this, and I bet we’ll see a fight worthy of Budokai Tenkaichi.”
“The quality of this video is over the top!”
“Vegeta wouldn’t say something like that. He doesn’t really understand Vegeta’s personality. He wouldn’t give up that easily and he wouldn’t say he was scared of someone just like that.”
[In response to the above comment] “Are you actually taking that at face value?!”
[Also in response to the Vegeta comment] “The personality was constructed for the media, I think. It’s not really like Vegeta, but he’s also intentionally acting badly, don’t you think?”

Well, regardless of what Vegeta would actually say, we have to say that are as scared of Ronda as anyone else!

▼ Especially after seeing her take down Pete Holmes!

If Hollywood ever decides to make a good Dragon Ball movie, Ronda should definitely be in the cast! If nothing else, we can count on her to beat a decent film out of the writers and producers.

Source: Yurukuyaru
Top image: Imgur/proxyrax