Just about everybody has an Instagram account these days. It’s not just for hipsters, foodies and wannabe photographers anymore – everyone from school kids to famous models and actors has their own account.

But whose account is the most popular? A recent survey revealed Kiko Mizuhara, star of the newly released, but so far not especially well-received, Attack on Titan movie, to be the Instagram user with the most followers in all of Japan. As for person – or perhaps ‘star’ – who came in second place…

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Japanese celebrity with the second most Instagram followers would be someone like TV personality Rola or Yukina Kinoshita (a Japanese lingerie model, actress, singer and all-round television regular), but you’d also be wrong.

In fact, it’s not even a person but rather a dog. Meet Maru, a Japanese Shiba and a very photogenic one at that. He has fans following his Instagram account from within Japan and abroad, and is so popular that he has over 1.8 million followers in his home country alone.

We have to admit he is pretty darn adorable. Who wouldn’t want to see this on their Instagram feed?

▼Warning: Cute overload

▼He may not be human, but sometimes he thinks he is:

Maru was born on 20 October 2007, and at nearly nine years of age outranks all but one Japanese celebrity on Instagram, which is an impressive feat. He has also made media appearances, including commercials and photo collections both within Japan and overseas, and even gives professional fashion models a run for their money, having also recently appeared in Vogue Girl fashion magazine.

▼Maru is looking very dapper in his bow tie.


The camera loves this very distinguished dog! With his well-groomed good looks and the high quality images that feature on his account, it’s no wonder followers can’t get enough of this ridiculously cute canine.

And for those that can’t get enough Maru in their life, you can check out the Niconico broadcast feature of Maru the “Instant idol”, or follow the adventures of Maru at his Instagram account @marutaro where it truly is a glimpse into a dog’s world.

Featured image: Instagram (@marutaro)
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