In rural areas of Japan you can often see little vegetable stands set up by the side of the road, where farmers sell their surplus produce for small amounts of money, usually 100 yen per bag. The stands are unmanned and work on an honour system, so you just put your money in the little box and take your pick of produce.

The stands are a pretty common sight in Japan, but we had to do a double-take when we saw this Twitter picture of a kitty named “Aubergine” (or eggplant to our readers in the US) apparently offering himself up for purchase – and at 100 yen (US$0.80), he’s a steal! However, he’s not the only kitty to have attempted this little trick…

Okay, so the kitty’s name (probably) isn’t Aubergine, and he’s simply a resident kitty who’s decided to use the empty aubergine box to have himself a summer nap in. But what if someone gets the wrong end of the stick and decides to take him home in exchange for a shiny coin? Hmm, you may need to pick a new nap spot, kitty, unless you’d like a whole new home of your own!

 ▲ “Watch out Kitty, if you sleep there you’ll be bought for 100 yen!”

Once the picture was posted on Twitter, a copycat (heh) picture was uploaded by a fellow user showing the exact same scene – another kitty who’d decided to take a nap on the veggie stand! And, what do you know, this one’s name is Aubergine, too!

▲ “I saw the same thing in Kagawa and wanted to buy! And it was also 100 yen. And also called Aubergine!”

Next time you’re in Japan and spot one of these rural veggie stands, make sure you don’t accidentally buy a plump kitty instead of some fresh vegetables, no matter what the sign says!

Source: Twicolle
Main Image: Twitter @saraya