On a recent episode of TBS’s morning informational program Asachan! (あさチャン!), a segment titled “YouTuber Kids” explored some of the most popular Japanese kids in the world of online vlogging. Their videos are popular among both peers and parents looking for some fun activities to do, and the most popular ones have amassed millions of online views.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to five of the most popular and watched Japanese child YouTube stars out there. These mini celebrities have already become so famous in the span of their short little lives that we can’t wait to see where life takes them next!

As you can probably infer, “YouTuber kids” are young children who have their own YouTube channels in order to document their reactions to the latest toys, foods, or other interesting things they come across. Of course, a large part of the responsibility for managing their channels, including the filming, editing, and uploading, lies with the parents.

All right, let’s move right along to our five featured channels!

1. Kan & Aki’s CHANNEL (かんなあきら CHANNEL)

2 Joined in May 2010
785,658 subscribers
Link to channel

This channel features three tomboy-ish sisters, Kanna, Akira, and Asahi, who are nine years old, six years old, and two years old, respectively (the channel was named before little Asahi was born). The energetic trio often films segments about new toys and their excursions to different places, and their approaching two billion view count certainly speaks for itself!

Here’s their latest video as of this writing, which comes complete with English subtitles, introducing Kracie Transforming Bubble Jelly:

2. TheGacchannel (がっちゃんねる)

1 Joined in January 2013
150,354 subscribers
Link to Channel

The absolutely adorable six-year-old Gacchan loves to introduce his viewers to the latest Plarail (similar to BRIO) trains, candy making kits, and various railroad related events around town, posting new videos every two to three days. According to his YouTube description, Gacchan loved watching YouTube videos so much that one day he decided to start appearing in his own videos–and it’s been history ever since.

Here’s his freakin’ adorable introductory video–we just can’t peel our eyes off the cuteness!

3. Sen, Momo & Ai Channel (せんももあいチャンネル)

5 Joined in July 2006
234,185 subscribers
Link to channel

This sibling unit is composed of Sennosuke, Momoko, and Aiko, the eldest of whom turned nine this year while the youngest just celebrated her first birthday. They’ll entertain you for hours with their great love of all things Disney, Yo-Kai Watch, Pretty Cure, dinosaurs, and Lego blocks, to name a few. Finally, you’ve got to love those Anpanman hats they’re rocking!

Speaking of the popular children’s anime, check them out playing with these Anpanman-themed bath toys:

4. Nyaanya Channel (にゃーにゃちゃんねる) 

3 Joined in February 2014
4,955 subscribers
Link to channel

Our second trio of sisters (Seira, Rikoko, and Kokomi) was actually inspired by the above-mentioned Kan & Aki’s CHANNEL to create their own YouTube channel in which they present toys, cakes, outings, and other aspects of daily life that appeal to young children. Their channel name is most likely derived from the Japanese word for the sound that a cat makes.

Let the following video of them playing the Cooking Mama video game make you smile in delight!

5. KassyBrozers’ (カッシ兄弟)

4 Joined in January 2015
429 subscribers
Link to channel

The final channel that we’re introducing today is hosted by two elementary school-aged brothers (one’s in sixth grade and the other’s in third grade) who enjoy posting videos about interesting science experiments, magic tricks, and things they’ve built, all of which busy parents searching for something new to entertain the kids are sure to appreciate. It’s especially cute when they occasionally mess up and have to start over! They only joined earlier this year, but they’re well on their way to gaining legions of fans.

Take a few minutes to watch the two brothers inflating balloons using the old vinegar and baking soda trick, then subsequently dissolve into giggles:

If this hasn’t fulfilled your daily dose of cute for the day, keep checking back with us–we’re sure to post some good cat videos in the near future!

Source: Web R25
Featured image: YouTube (TheGacchannel)
Images: YT (Kan & Aki’s CHANNEL)YT (TheGacchannel), YT (Sen, Momo & Ai Channel), YT (Nyaanya Channel), YT (KassyBrozers’)