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A lot of gamers have a soft spot for Resident Evil 2. Maybe it’s because the second chapter of Capcom’s survival horror franchise introduced us to fan-favorite Leon Kennedy, or because of its unique dual scenario system that added longevity to the game by slightly altering its events depending on whether you choose to begin play as Leon or fellow zombie fighter Claire Redfield.

In recent days, we’ve seen a group of Italian fans start crafting a remake of the classic title, but they’re not the only ones channeling their love of the game into creative endeavors, as one Japanese cosplayer has put the finishing touches on an incredible cosplay outfit of Resident Evil 2’s last boss.

If you’ll forgive us for spoiling the story of a 17-year-old PlayStation game, during the course of Resident Evil 2 the player comes across a scientist named William Birkin. As you might have guessed, biogenetic experimentation tends to not turn out very well in the Resident Evil world, and Birkin, infected with the powerful G-Virus he developed, mutates into a hideous and hulking monster.

But while it’s an obvious cautionary tale about playing God and tinkering with science, when you’re making a costume instead of a bioweapon, the repercussions are much less severe. As a matter of fact, that plan turned out pretty awesomely for Japanese Twitter user @gai_JRS.

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The costume is actually as clever as it is grotesque. By positioning his head at the point where it bursts out of the monster’s chest, @gai_JRS can create an upper body far more massive than his own while still seeing where he’s going.

Being able to make his actual face writhe in agony also provides an extra dose of creepiness…although we can’t imagine it being any more unnerving than the fact that the giant eyeball growing out of the creature’s right shoulder can also move!

The talented costumer says he’ll be cosplaying on the third day of the upcoming summer Comiket convention, and adds that he looks forward to seeing his fellow attendees, many of whom we assume will be running away in terror.

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Top image: Twitter/@gai_JRS (edited by RocketNews24)
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