You know those displays of affection which just make you want to gag? They appear to be the story of one Japanese female Twitter user‘s life, who is less than impressed with her boyfriend’s sugary, lovey-dovey persona in the following two amusing conversations she shared between them.

It seems other net users can either relate to or chuckle from afar at their exchanges, since her original post has since been retweeted 37,600 times as of this writing!

Japanese Twitter user @xenon0222 likes drawing, playing video games, and is a big fan of manga/anime (Gintama in particular), but it appears that it’s a screenshot of two conversations she recently had with her boyfriend which has unexpectedly gone viral.

At once adorable, exasperating, and playful at the same time, many young couples can probably relate to the following exchanges!

“My boyfriend is as stupid as ever.”

Conversation 1

Boyfriend: “Kii-chan!!!!!!!!!”

Girlfriend: “Even your messages make me irritated. You must be a genius.”

Boyfriend: “I’m overflowing with love! My love for you has overflown.”

Girlfriend: “Really now. Well I’m busy, so go overflow by yourself.”

Boyfriend: “Do you love me?”

Girlfriend: “Rather than that, tell me the name of that cafe recommended in Umeda.”

Boyfriend: “You want to know about that???? Who are you going with? Me?”

Girlfriend: “And what if I take you to a sophisticated place like that?”

Boyfriend: “That’s right! I’m special!”

Girlfriend: “You’re annoyingly positive.”

Conversation 2

Boyfriend: “Hey, do you love me?”

Girlfriend: “Hmm, I wouldn’t go that far.”

Boyfriend: “So what’s my rank?”

Girlfriend: “I like you second to ice packs.”

Boyfriend: “Eh, that’s so cold. I lost to a chunk of chilled ice?”

Girlfriend: “Huh? Are you trying make fun of ice packs when you can’t become cold yourself? Apologize to the ice packs.”

Boyfriend: “I’m sorry. I’m fine with being second to you.”

Girlfriend: “It’s good you finally get it.”

Boyfriend: “But I can turn the AC on for you, so shouldn’t I be ranked higher than the ice packs?”

Girlfriend: “Ah, that’s true. Okay, I like you better than ice packs.”

Boyfriend: “Yaaay!”

Nothing like a sweet exchange of young summer lovin’!

Source/featured image: Twitter (@xenon0222)