Tokyo DisneyLand and Tokyo DisneySea are probably two of the most popular places in the country, if the crowds are any indication. All through the year, people flock to the resorts to get their Disney fix, but nothing gets the attendance up like summer vacation. And if heat relief is what you want, what could be more cooling than some fun in the sun with Mickey at DisneySea?

At least, that’s what you would think. But the cool atmosphere wasn’t enough to keep Minnie and Daisy from getting in a little spat in front of everyone! Remember kids, violence solves nothing — unless you’re a cartoon character.

▼ Donald calls in the cavalry.


A tweet that blew up last month is still making the rounds and amusing Japanese Internet users. With the simple message “A fight between two unruly women LOLOL,” the tweet also contains a short video of a group of Disney cast members on an elevated stage. The video starts with Minnie having some fun at Donald Duck’s expense by spraying him with a hose. Flustered, the duck beats a hasty retreat — which is weird because we thought ducks liked water! Maybe he’s worried about dry cleaning expenses for his suit…

Either way, Daisy decides she will not let Minnie’s aggression stand and charges in with a hose of her own, spraying down Minnie the mouse retreats. Now, the real question is: Was it a public expression of some pent-up hostility between the mice and ducks? Or just another part of the show?!

▼ Take a look and decide for yourself!


Obviously, we’re falling squarely on the “it’s part of the show” side of things — we can’t imagine that any Disney employee is going to be crazy enough to break rank and spray someone down off-script. As we all know, the Mouse doesn’t tolerate any funny business on his park, and you’d just as likely end up at the bottom of the Jungle Cruise river as get fired!

Still, we can’t help enjoying this little fight. If nothing else, we bet the Ducks have a bit of resentment towards the top-ranked Mouses. It would hardly be a surprise to discover Daisy was working on a Macbeth-like plot to usurp the crown! Maybe Minnie better be a little more careful where she decides to aim her hose…

Images/Source: Twitter (@11echon)