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If you’re ever had the misfortune of having to lift an air-conditioning unit, you’ll know that they’re actually pretty heavy. After all, they’re essentially big, unwieldy metal boxes filled with even more bits of metal, so you’d probably want someone to help you out if you had to install one in your home.

But not this man in China – no, he’d rather do things his own way. Even if that means shuffling along the outside ledge of an eye-wateringly high apartment building and stepping over the gap while carrying the air-conditioning unit all by himself.

Apparently filmed somewhere in mainland China, this recently uploaded video shows what appears to be a workman attempting to install an air-conditioning unit on the outside wall of an apartment building. Not only is the unit he’s carrying not tethered to anything to prevent it plummeting to the ground below should it slip from his grasp, the man himself is not wearing any kind of safety harness as he steps over the edge of the precipice to reach the wall brackets installed above the opposite ledge.

Oh, and just in case you were picturing this all happening outside the window of a second-, or even third-floor apartment, take a quick look at the screenshot below:

▼ Giving new meaning to the phrase “vertical video“…

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As a mild acrophobic myself, I genuinely winced as I watched this video. If you’re so afraid of heights that you can barely stand to look out of the window when staying on a higher floor at a hotel, you might want to give this one a miss…

Clearly the man in the video and his friend holding the camera felt that this was so idiotic dangerous a moment that it had to be captured, so it would be wrong to sum this up as “because China”. But really, guys, for the sake of people like me, could you at least tie a rope around your ankle or something next time?

Source: YouTube/Liveleak via Zaeega
Screenshots: YouTube/Liveleak