It’s no secret that kids covet toys and sweets more than just about anything else, so some combination of the two is always going to be a big hit. In Japan, you can buy little kits which enable you to mould and make your own sweets out of gummy “clay”.

But it’s not just the kids who are having fun playing with their food – some grown-ups have been sharing their sweet creations on Twitter, and boy, some of them look unappetising!

The two kits which big kids have been using to craft disgusting monstrosities are “Tanoshii sushiya san” which allows you to (ostensibly) craft your own gummy sushi, and “Nerikyan Land” which is more of a free-for-all edible clay you can use to make anything you like.

Let’s take a look at some of the yuckiest candy creations people have been thinking up!

▼ Voldemort, is that you?! While we’re impressed by this person’s craftsmanship, we’re not sure we’d want to put that thing anywhere near our mouths…

▼ That’s a tasty Terminator!

▼ Eww, what is this? The Flying Sushighetti Monster?

▼ And, of course, some of them are just super-cute!

▼ The cutest tiny egg and bacon ever!

▼ Adorable mice!

▼ Hey there, Funasshi!

▼ These Minions are cute enough to eat!

▼ Those flowers are surprisingly life-like!

▼ Yokai Watch characters rendered in candy form!

▼ Several characters collide in this assortment of cute candy faces!

▼ Time for a candy adventure with Adventure Time!

▼ Like your food blue? Hatsune Miku should do!

▼ This squishy Link is the cutest!

▼ Sugary-sweet Gudetama!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to this sugary, squidgy stuff. And to think our parents always told us not to play with our food! Thank the heavens we’re now fully functional adults who can waste our money on video games, ridiculous junk food, and sugary candy toys all we like!

Source: Togech
Main Image: Twitter @ssm_cos@kkb_5526, @tanensan