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Whenever someone claims to have found the face of Jesus in their toast or sees the Virgin Mary in the bark of a tree, cynic that I am, my brain immediately jumps back to my old psychology textbook’s section on pareidolia, or the phenomenon of seeing familiar patterns or objects in unlikely places.

But on this occasion I’m willing to put my cynicism on hold for a moment and just believe. For I have just been shown a perfect, miniature Disney princess in an ice-cube.

Shared by Twitter user niiiiifaaaa (I may have omitted a couple of vowels there) last week – and then shared a further 10,000+ times by others – these photos show a handful of ice-cubes floating at the top of a glass of iced coffee. Nothing special about that, you might say, and you’d be right.

But when you look at the ice-cube on the bottom-right of the image…

▼ “It looks like a Disney princess is in my iced coffee!”

… you’ll clearly see a Disney princess standing there, hair tied up and richly attired as she looks longingly at the ice-cube to the left (which, incidentally, clearly shows a perfectly formed stalactite).

Why would I shun toast Jesus yet choose to believe that this truly is Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle in a ball-gown floating in someone’s coffee? Because I believe that, had ol’ J.C. truly been the son of The Man Upstairs, I think he’d have better things to do with his time than make cameo appearances in people’s breakfast. Disney, on the other hand, will stop at nothing to achieve world domination, even if it means sending teams of stealthy ninja elves into Starbucks each night to chip away at their ice-cubes so that much-loved characters appear whenever coffee pools in them, thus creating mini, drinkable ads for their existing franchises.

Be afraid, people.

Source/screenshot: Twitter