Being closely related to humans, monkeys are quite clever. Heck, some of them seem to have even figured out how to use smartphones. But sometimes those brains go into being sneaky critters who are known to steal food from tourists in broad daylight!

One little monkey in China has been stealing more than food though, as he kidnapped a kitten and has been raising it as its own.

The appropriate response to this is something along the lines of “What the heck?!”

The monkey was first seen in a Guangzhou City neighborhood about a month ago (although, this isn’t the craziest thing to be seen in the town). He has an iron collar around his neck, leading locals to think he either escaped captivity or was abandoned by a previous owner. Apparently, when he first arrived, he was a plump little fellow, but the month on the streets has taken its toll and he’s lost quite a bit of weight.

▼ Locals don’t seem to think he’s all that bad.


While he was scared of the neighborhood dogs, cats and people for the first few weeks, he’s built up the audacity to not only steal food from the residents and their pets, but he even stole a poor little kitten from its mother. The mama cat tried to fight the monkey to get her baby back, but came out empty-handed.

▼ Desperate times call for desperate kittens.


Locals now have a soft spot for the monkey, offering food to him and his adopted kitten. You might say that the monkey-thief has stolen their hearts. However, while residents have grown attached to the primate and are worried he’ll get injured or taken into inhumane captivity, they also worry about the safety of the neighborhood children (and kittens).

It’s a tough life for city monkeys.

Source: Vision Times
Top Image: Guangzhou Daily (edited by RocketNews24)
Images: Guangzhou Daily