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The Legend of Zelda‘s Link has worn many hats over the years, both literally and figuratively. We’ve seen him as a train driver, a goat herder, sailing the high seas with a bunch of cartoonish pirates, cavorting with fairies in the forest, you name it. Never, though, have we seen him as a gunslinging cowboy.

That is, until now.

Coming from the filmmakers over at YouTube channel Beat Down Boogie, the superbly made and catchily titled Hang Em Hyrule drops Link, Princess Zelda, and of course the nefarious Ganondorf into a spaghetti Western world complete with saloons, spurs and spit buckets (probably…). It’s Western gunfighting at its most fantastic, and immediately has us wishing we could fire up our Wii U, ride into town on Epona and pull up a stool in the Moo Moo milk saloon right now.

Check it out:

Pretty cool, right? Oh, and if you were as blown away by the video’s outfits as we were, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re available to buy direct from their makers, Volante Design. We have to say, Zelda looks especially awesome in her new Western getup.


▼ Lookin’ sharp, Ganondorf!gan

▼ Link means business.11884658_860989067271434_5897583690853359235_o

▼ Hyrule holster. Want.

Come on, Nintendo, let’s have a Western The Legend of Zelda next – heck you’ve already got the horses and the heroes!

Thanks to Beat Down Boogie for sharing their fantastic video with us.  

Insert mages via Beat Down Boogie on Facebook; featured image compiled by RocketNews24
Top image via YouTube