World Order is easily one of our favorite music groups in Japan. Their songs are catchy and the flat vocals are somehow far more engaging than they have any right being. And, of course, they also produce ultra-cool music videos that fascinate us and always leave us with giant grins on our faces.

So, we greet the news that the group recently released a new music video for their song “Multipolarity” with cheers! Check it out below!

Though it may look like the group was travelling internationally when this was filmed, the video was actually produced in Yokohama’s Chinatown! And, as always, they certainly put their location to good use in the video, trying on hats…


▼ …and wearing them…


…as they danced through the streets. Some of our favorite moments were filmed in front of the temples with dance moves that impressed us with their careful choreography.


▼ And this! Whatever this is!


As some have pointed out online, though, there seems to be something missing from the video: Genki Sudo himself! The group’s leader, lyricist, and musician has been, up to now, a near constant in World Order videos. He’s very much the face the public associates with World Order – and a particularly handsome face at that! Though the song features credits for Genki Sudo for the lyrics and music at the end of the video, we couldn’t help feeling a bit sad not see him in the video proper…

Or did we?!

If you look closely throughout the video, you’ll notice someone in green combat fatigue wearing the creepiest mask we’ve ever seen.

▼ Seriously, what the hell?!


That figure appears in the background at a few points in the video, and the person in the mask is none other than Genki Sudo – at least according to Japanese news site The Stream News! Considering that the masked figure appears often enough not to be some random guy messing with the cameraman, we’re very willing to believe this. As for why he decided to play the role of creeper instead of leading the group, we have no idea.

Another point of question is the final scene, which sees the masked man stop in front of a Bank of China location and take the mask off, revealing a US flag bandanna wrapped around his head.


We are loath to speculate on the intended meaning of this moment, but it should be noted that Genki is a vocal advocate for world peace. In a tweet about the video, he wrote: “By the way, this is the new World Order song “MULTIPOLARITY.” If you haven’t watched it yet, please do! The world is moving towards the extremes [literally, ‘becoming multipolar’]. I wonder how this is all going to turn out. (´・ω・`)”

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He also often tweets about issues such as proposals to constitutional changes in Japan regarding the military. Here’s one tweet in which he wrote: “It is encouraging that the young people are rising up all over the country,” in response to a new story about student protests.

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But all that’s a bit heavy, so here’s a photo he took after coming across a procession of Pikachus in a lobby. It seems to be related to a dance number the mascots did with World Order

▼ D’aww!

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Now, we just hope we’ll get to see more of his smiling face in the next video!

Sources: YouTube (World Order), The Stream News
Images: YouTube (World Order)