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Japan is a pro when it comes to creating confusing things. Whether it’s food, anime, toilets, or even methods of relaxation, it’s not uncommon to be baffled at the beginning, still not quite sure what happened at the end, and yet, for some reason, craving more when it’s all over.

So let’s welcome the latest awesome but very confusing thing Japan made: nowisee (pronounced “noise”). Is it an anime? A music video? A promotional video? Something… else? The answer to all of the questions is a resounding maybe, and the only way you can begin to understand is by watching it.

So what exactly is this oddly-spelled “nowisee” thing all about? Well, here’s the translation of the About Page on their YouTube account:

“nowisee started at 8:18:18 on the 8th day of the 8th month.

“nowisee is a cross-content project that weaves together video and story with a focus on music. The theme is asking young people alive today to ‘question the meaning of life.’ Our site opened at 8:18:18 on the 8th day of the 8th month with the introduction video and ‘Vibration’ music video (#1/24). These are the first of 24 new music videos to be released on the 8th of every month.”

Okay. Well, uh, “question the meaning of life,” eh? That’s an…interesting theme. Maybe it will make more sense when we watch the video. Why don’t we start with that introduction video they were talking about:

▼ “My name… might be Ai. I might be a high schooler.”


▼ Okay, so is this Ai? I think I’m following so far.


▼ “I am finished.”
Wait, what? But we just barely-


▼ And the music kicks in!
“Was it all an illusion…?”


▼ “Even though it was supposed to have ended…”


▼ “Where should I head to?”


▼ “I couldn’t find hope…I was overflowing with despair….”


▼ And then a girl appears with a nowisee tattoo on her neck. Wait, is she nowisee?
Am I nowisee?


▼ Is this whale nowisee? I’m so confused…


As confusing as the introductory video may be, it’s almost hypnotic to watch and listen to. The art is gorgeous and the variety of music fits it perfectly. If you’re a fan of pretty things, than I highly recommend watching it.

But despite that, I still don’t think I really understand…anything. Let’s move on and watch the first of the 24 planned videos, “Vibration.” Maybe we’ll find some answers here:

▼ “No different from anything.”
Okay, does that mean this one isn’t going to make sense either?


▼ “But anything it’s not the same.”
Well I think we’ve found our answer.


▼ And cut to music!
“The person in the 1DK [apartment with one bedroom, dining room, and kitchen] next to me…”


▼ “I don’t even know their name or their face.”


▼ “But their vibrations tell me that it is a woman.”
Wait, what…?


▼ “She’s probably a homicidal maniac.”
Well, I’ve given up. Time to ignore the lyrics and just enjoy the show.


▼ The girl jumps from the top of a building and apparently all she can think is: “It’s sweltering.” And that’s just fine.


▼ “An omen of vomit.”
Again, ignoring the lyrics…


▼ Oh, uh, hi there?


▼ And then the falling girl turns into some, uh, black stuff.


▼ And then this person shows up with the line “I just want a beautiful lie.”
Wait, was everything we saw a lie? Is this woman nowisee?!


And of course there it ends. I still have no idea what’s going on, but at this point I really don’t even mind. The music and visuals are so good that it doesn’t really matter. As long as we just keep getting more pretty videos of people exploding into black stuff with “omens of vomit,” then I’m sold.

If like what you’ve seen here, then be sure to subscribe to nowisee’s YouTube channel, so you’ll know when the next video goes up. And don’t worry, I’m sure all of our questions will be answered in the next episode.

Insert images: YouTube/nowisee
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