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No, you read that headline right. We’re going to skip past any form of real intro here and get right into it with this one. You may want to start crossing your legs now, fellas…

According to an AFP news report, a graduate student took revenge on a 42-year-old lawyer earlier today after he had allegedly become romantically involved with the student’s wife.

The irate student, named in the report as 24-year-old Ikki Kozukai, is believed to have burst into the Tokyo office where his wife’s lover worked and began punching him repeatedly. He then somehow managed to remove the lawyer’s pants and cut off his penis using a pair of garden shears.

Kozukai later told police that he had flushed the gland down the toilet.

We’ll have more on this story if and when additional details emerge. But quite frankly we’re all hoping that we never have to imagine a scenario quite like that ever again…

Source: AFP/Japan Today
Featured image via GardenSure