Many of my guy friends who have been to Taiwan came back raving about how cute Taiwanese girls are. We know that Kaohsiung is the place to visit if cute 2-D girls are your cup of tea, but if you would rather interact with real girls, McDonald’s is perhaps the most convenient place to try your luck.

If you remember, McDonald’s in Taiwan has a glorious track record when it comes to cute girls since their staff started cosplaying in maids’ dresses, sailor uniforms, and other outfits since 2013. Among the sea of adorable McDonald’s female staff, however, net users have been raving over a particular young lady, whom they think is the “cutest McDonald’s goddess in Taiwanese history”.

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Everybody knows that fast-food giant McDonald’s has a mascot named Ronald McDonald, but in Taiwan, there’s a “McDonald’s goddess” who is probably more popular than the smiley red-haired clown.

Wei Han Xu (徐薇涵), also known as Weiwei, or Haitun (海豚, which means “dolphin” in Chinese), rocketed to fame when a set of photos taken and uploaded by Taiwanese blogger RainDog went viral. Taiwanese netizens were instantly smitten with Weiwei’s big, round eyes and sweet smile, and a frenzy reportedly broke out on the local forums as netizens scrambled to find out which McDonald’s outlet their newfound goddess worked at.

▼ This is the set of photos that sent netizens running to McDonald’s.










Currently a college student, the doll-like Weiwei has been working part-time at McDonald’s for five years. In fact, when we looked back at our old posts, we belatedly realized that Weiwei has actually appeared on our site before, back when McDonald’s Taiwan rolled out their maid costume stint!

▼ Weiwei in a maid’s dress, also photographed by RainDog.1387902759-2147149455



▼ She has such a sweet voice too!

After her photos went viral, the petite beauty has appeared on several Taiwanese variety programs due to her sudden fame. She also works as a model on the side, and actively posts selfies on her social media accounts.

Weiwei once mentioned on a variety show that her online fame has indeed brought in more customers to her workplace, but her manager isn’t too happy about the buzz because many of these fans tend to crowd at the counter trying to talk to or snap photos of her, and if she’s not on duty they end up leaving without making a purchase.

After seeing all these photos of the adorable belle of McDonald’s, we bet at least some of you are eager to know where to find her. The outlet she works at is said to be located along Jianguo South Road of the Da’an District in Taipei City — just be sure to at least buy some fries or something if you do stop by!

If you aren’t going to Taiwan, though, don’t feel left out; you can still get your daily dose of the cutie by following her on Facebook or Instagram! Besides, there’s probably not long to go before she quits her day-job anyway…

Source: Game Over
Photos: RainDog (1, 2)