Men’s rhythmic gymnastics may still be considered a minor sport, but the boys at Kagoshima Business High School in Japan are leaving a huge impression with their amazingly synchronized moves, high-flying flips, and hilarious little acts, which is helping to draw more interest to the sport.

Their performance to music from Attack on Titan last year was a huge hit, and this year’s, set to a number from popular children’s anime Yokai Watch was no less loved. Watch the full performances below, laugh, and be amazed!

This year’s national inter-high school competition was held on August 8 in Osaka. The boys from Kagoshima Jitsugyou Koukou (Kagoshima Business High School) brought laughter to the audience with their silly antics, along with applause for their seamless and awe-inspiring flips and style.

There is no denying the talent these boys have-they make those splits look so easy!

Those who attended the nationals last year are sure to remember them for their equally entertaining performance to music from the hit anime Attack on Titan.

Due to limited interest in men’s rhythmic gymnastics, it’s a possibility that there will come a time in the near future where there will be no more national competitions to attend. These boys and those from fellow rhythmic gymnastics clubs across the country are hoping to get the word out there and attract more performers and spectators to support the sport. After watching this clever group, it’s hard to see why there is any lack of interest in the first place!

Source: YouTube/ MenRgJpn via CuRAZY
Top image: YouTube/ MenRgJpn