Our love for adorable animals is well-documented at this point – we’ve sighed and squealed over everything from adorable cats to surprisingly cute sea slugs to deer waiting out the rain with humans. Today, we bring you more adorable animals, but this time it looks like they’re being real jerks!

Japanese Twitter users went crazy today after four deer were found ambling along some railroad tracks…and holding up the train behind them!

Don’t worry, there aren’t deer bandits running around the Japanese countryside with revolvers and bandannas robbing trains. Rather, it seems that four male deer were spotted wandering along some train tracks in Iwate Prefecture, forcing an oncoming train to come to a complete stop.

▼ Just look at those white tails mocking us!

The tweet above, which includes the message “The Sanriku train can’t move because there are deer in the way,” blew up online after being posted on Thursday morning, capturing the attention of thousands of Twitter users around the country. Some of their responses had us equally amused.

▼ The deer are like, “I’m on the railroad tracks now! LOLOLOLOLOL!”

▼ “It’s like the deer version of Stand By Me! There are four of them and they’re all male.”

According to one report on the incident, there is a large population of deer in the area, and they are known to be a bother for everyone from the local farmers to the railway’s operator. One representative from Sanriku Railway said that trains stopping due to deer on the tracks wasn’t exactly uncommon. If they don’t move when the train comes and blows its horn, however, there’s not much they can do but wait — they’re certainly not just going to run the animals over.

Of course, Iwate Prefecture isn’t the only place in Japan to have trouble with deer on the track. Here’s a video taken last February showing how one conductor dealt with some does on the tracks in Hokkaido!

And going even further back in time, this 2010 video is also from Hokkaido, filmed on the Nemuro Main Line, specifically on the segment nicknamed the Hanasaki Line.

We still think deer are super cute, just not when they’re interrupting our commute. That said, we can’t help wondering if this isn’t a business opportunity for the railway lines. Maybe they need to set up a package tour for all the train and deer fans in Japan!

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Images: Twitter (@wakya33)