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Even though the live-action Attack on Titan hasn’t rampaged to the same sort of success as its anime and manga versions, it can still pride itself on not being as universally and intensely panned as Dragonball Evolution. The attempt to recreate Akira Toriyama’s phenomenally successful martial arts saga with real people confused and bored audiences who couldn’t care less about the anime it was based on, and simultaneously angered existing fans for not even being faithful enough to its source material to write Dragonball as two words.

But it’s been six years since Dragonball Evolution made its theatrical debut. Maybe it’s time for someone to try making a live-action Dragon Ball again, and maybe this time he should make it with sheep.

We’re not sure whether or not YouTube uploader Hoolopee has had the displeasure of watching Dragonball Evolution, but he’s clearly determined not to make the same mistakes. One of the loudest complaints about Dragonball Evolution was that the actors and actresses neither looked nor felt like their anime inspirations, which is a tall task for any human performer. So instead, Hoolopee decided to recreate a dramatic battle between protagonist Goku and sometimes friend, sometimes adversary Vegeta with both roles being played by sheep.

Surreal as it may look, Hoolopee does a remarkable job splicing together footage and reusing frames of his four-legged stars, who actually seem to show a considerable amount of emotion as haughty Vegeta tries to verbally intimidate Goku.

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But of course, the primary draw of Dragon Ball Z isn’t its dialogue, but the action-packed visuals, and rest assured, Dragon Ball Sheep doesn’t skimp on the pyrotechnics.

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▼ Goku goes Super Sheep-ajin!

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In recognition of Dragon Ball’s extended and international success, Hoolopee has even crated alternate versions of Dragon Ball Sheep using sound pulled from the anime’s rendition by current U.S. licensor Funimation and the series’ Spanish dub.

And while purists may be disappointed by the lack of Japanese audio, they can at least take solace in the fact that when Goku stretches out the second and fourth syllables of “Kamehameha!” he’s making exactly the sound sheep do in Japanese.


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Source, images: YouTube/Hoolopee
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