Japanese artisans are renowned for their ingenuity and attention to detail. In the past, we’ve talked about how some of the country’s traditional art is made, such as kiri-e, gold leaf, and plastic display food, and it never fails to impress us.

But have you ever wondered how more modern forms of art, such as plastic figures, cosplay, and accessory-making, are achieved? Thanks to a new hashtag that’s been gaining traction on Twitter, users now have the opportunity to see how a little bit of material and a whole lot of skill can go a long way.

The hashtag #koregakounattekouja, which roughly translates in #thisgoesfromthistothis is the newest trend on Twitter, inspiring Japanese artisans to show off how they use simple materials into create some pretty amazing contemporary art in just a handful of steps.

Not only are users enjoying the sudden burst of creativity on their Twitterfeed, it’s been a great chance for local artists to gain more followers and exposure, too.

Under the tag you can find a variety of before and after tweets for creating just about any kind of art, including:




Plastic accessories

Original anime figures

Realistic paintings

Armies of cute, mini mascots

Cosplay masks and armor


and cool ways to pimp your ride


These are just some of our favorite picks, but be sure to check out more amazing creations under the hashtag #これがこうなってこうじゃ here. It just might inspire you to get creative, too! Or if you’re already the crafty type, why not tag some of your recent masterpieces and jump in on the fun?

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Top image: Twitter (@HanaWBF), Pinterest, edited by RocketNews24