“Why did you come to Japan?”

It’s a simple question, and if you spend enough time here, you’re sure to be asked it countless times by Japanese people. In fact, Japan has a whole television show dedicated to asking foreigners this very question, called YOU wa Nani shi ni Nippon e?

For those of us who came for to learn a specific trade or study the language, or who are married to a Japanese spouse and/or have family in Japan, it usually isn’t a hard question to answer honestly. However, for those foreigners that were drawn to Japan’s shores through things like anime or manga, cosplay, robots, or schoolgirls, it can be a question that’s difficult to come up with a socially acceptable answer to.

Still, not all foreigners are ashamed of coming clean about some of the strange hobbies that brought them here, like one Polish Twitter user who is proud to be living out his some of his wildest dreams in good ol’ Nihon. After arriving in Japan, he was presented with the chance to act out one of his many perverted fantasies, leaving otaku on Twitter both amused and green with envy.

The Polish foreigner in question, who goes by the handle @OPERATORCHAN on Twitter, had no qualms letting the whole world know where his interests in Japan really lie.

▼ “Are you curious about why a Polish person like me began studying Japanese? Isn’t it obvious? It’s because I wanted to be able to read dojinshi (independently produced comics). By reading and studying dojinshi, I was able to learn in two years. It was the best and most fun way to study a foreign language. Japanese erotic books are the most fappable in the world.”


Also mentioning a penchant for black tights in subsequent tweets, the pervy Polishman, nicknamed Ope-chan, finally made his way over to Japan this week to, among other things, attend Comiket. Upon arrival he was greeted with a special tights party to welcome him to the Land of the Rising Sun, which he recapped on Twitter in all of its unique glory.

First some upskirt shots to get the party going.

Care for some tea?


Each batch is brewed one cup at a time, each with its very own distinct flavor.

There’s also the special lemon variety.


It wouldn’t be a party without a finale, like the tights totem pole, or maybe the panty pancake stack if you prefer.


We’re guessing it’s not the type of party that would be everyone’s cup of tea, but judging by the following tweets he posted, by the end of the night Ope-chan was one happy camper.

▼ “I could die of happiness right now.”


▼ “My life is complete.”


▼ “Japan’s hospitality truly is the best in the world.”


▼ “Thank you all for the tights party today.
All my Japanese has flown right out of my mind, and off to somewhere else.
First of all, I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks for this amazingly very black welcome party!
Right now I’m truly happy.
Thank you for this treasured souvenir.
Nice tights!!”


Even if his fantasies aren’t exactly conventional, as long as they’re not hurting anyone, we’re glad he was able to find some Japanese friends that share his interests. And although we’re not sure what else Ope-chan has planned during his trip, we wonder if he’ll be able to top his first night here.

That said, as welcoming as some of Japan’s subculture niches can be, his tweets don’t exactly portray him as a model company employee or boyfriend, so we recommend he avoid letting any future employers or love interests catch wind of his Twitter account if he eventually plans on staying in Japan for the long haul.

Source: Twitter/@OPERATORCHAN via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Twitter/@tightsworld