Clothing, particularly T-shirts, is among the most common type of official merchandise that many anime, comic and even film makers produce to promote their work. Few fans have any qualms about showing their love for their beloved anime, manga or video games by wearing clothes that feature said work’s main characters on a daily basis, but have you ever noticed that most wearable merch only comes in men’s cuts and sizes? Even the anime collaboration tees that major fashion retailer Uniqlo produces are rarely available in ladies’ fit.

Korean online fashion retailer Daily Apparel, however, is hoping to change all that by making a series of Pokémon-themed tank tops just for the ladies, and they’re pretty much the sexiest pocket monster apparel we’ve ever seen. More pictures after the jump!

I think many fangirls would agree that geeky clothing isn’t usually the most fashionable or flattering because it tends to come in boxy silhouettes. It is also not easy to find geeky apparel designed for women, especially if the series you like is targeted at the male population to begin with.

Daily Apparel changes up the game, however, with a series of body-fitting tank tops that feature Pokémon characters Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle and Jigglypuff. The brand seems to specialize in curve-flaunting dresses and swimsuits, so it almost seems strange to see Pokémon-inspired designs among their lineup, but these eye-catching tank tops are apparently selling like hotcakes in South Korea. I guess it’s hard to resist taking a second look when cute pokémon faces are literally popping out at you…

The free-size tops are made of nylon and spandex, and retail for 20,000 Korean Won (approximately US$16.95) each. There is no mention of whether these shirts are official collaboration merchandise, so we have our doubts on the authenticity of the designs, but they do look rather cute nonetheless.

Visit the Daily Apparel website, Facebook or Instagram for more details on the products.

Source/Images: Daily Apparel via Zhaizhai News