They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but that seems to be more of a guideline than a prescription for any and all maladies, and eventually we all find ourselves in the waiting room of a clinic or a hospital for a check-up or to get our head stapled back together.

Medical staff are well aware that clinics and hospitals aren’t exactly the kinds of places that make patients feel at home, so many medical facilities have tried improving their drab décor and entertainment options to help patrons feel more comfortable about their visit.

One clinic in Japan, however, appears to have gone a little overboard in the interior design department, and is making many of its patients feel like they’ve walked straight into a psychedelic nightmare instead.

The hospital in question appears to be the Edogawa Clinic, located in Tokyo, with an interior that looks like it came right out of Alice in Wonderland or a really bad acid trip.

Photos of the inside of the hospital were recently tweeted by Twitter user @manaita_SSSize, leaving many users either afraid or just plain confused.

▼ “I was recently hospitalized at my local clinic, and I thought its interior design was going to give me nightmares.” (Click on any of the images for a closer look.)

If the intention of the clinic, which deals with internal medicine, orthopedics, and Tomotherapy, was to put patients at ease, I think it’s safe to say they missed their mark by a long shot.

In fact, the interior reminds us of something we’d probably see at the Alcatraz E.R., a prison-themed restaurant in Shibuya, but with grosser hospital food instead.

A number of Twitter users chimed in with their own comments, such as:

“It’s like a theme park attraction.”
“WTF is this? I wouldn’t want to be hospitalized, nor work there…”
“Why is the ceiling red?? What a weird clinic! (⑉・̆⌓・̆⑉)↷↷”
“Oh, this is the one I saw on TV!”
“It’s like a parallel world…”
“It makes me too uncomfortable”
“It’s like a horror game, huh?”

And last, but not least:

“So, this is Japan…”

Like many of the commenters above, those of us at RocketNews24 don’t see ourselves making an appointment at Edogawa Clinic anytime soon. But hey, if you’re looking for an experience worth writing home about, we encourage you to drop in for a visit next time you’re feeling under the weather.

Source: Twitter/@manaita_SSSize via Wadai no Gazou ga Wakaru Site
Top image: Twitter