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Those of you braveand crazy) enough to attend Comiket this year obviously read our tips to surviving Comiket, but it turns out we forgot one little tip that would make things infinitely easier: bring your own bodyguards/servants. That’s exactly what this “oil tycoon” did as he was seen walking the Comiket floor flanked by his army of intimidating bodyguards. People parted ways and made room for the petrol baron as he flashed the wads of cash he had stored in his special briefcase. What sort of oil magnate buys dojinshi at Comiket? Find out after the jump.

Reports of the arrival of this “oil king” came via Twitter, as attendees and dealers Tweeted his presence on the convention floor.

▼ “I met an oil king!”

[tweet align=center]

▼ “An oil king came to the neighboring booth and bought a thin book!”

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Bringing your bodyguards is the ultimate in survival tips for Comiket, as they can keep the smelly people away from you, increase your personal space, fan you if you are getting hot and keep your money and precious dojinshi safe at all times. However, most likely, only the richest amongst us can afford to keep some bodyguards on the payroll.

▼Or is it just a few friends…?”

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If these pictures have been screaming “cosplay” at you since the beginning, then you are most likely correct. It turns out an “Arab oil magnate” made an appearance at last year’s Comiket as well. While RocketNews24 won’t definitively say if this is an oil baron from the Middle East, we will say that a real oil magnate would probably have a lot more bodyguards.

Regardless, the group definitely made their presence known! The Comiket attendees who actually saw them were willing to suspend their disbelief for a brief period.

▼ “There was an oil tycoon right in front of me! Crazy!”

[tweet align=center] [tweet align=center]

Even some people commenting on the tweets got caught up in the excitement of such an important figure coming to summer Comiket 88 saying:

“It’d be nice to have a fragment of his fortune.”
“The oil magnate came to Japan again this year.”
“If not an oil magnate, I wish that American IT corporation presidents would come.”
“Did an oil magnate actually come to Comiket, or not?”
“He came last year, too, so might this be a cosplay group?”

If these pictures truly depicted a rich oil tycoon strolling through the madness of Comiket, then it would be definitive proof of dojinshi’s expanding influence outside of Japan. In the more realistic situation that this is just a group doing some unique cosplay, then it looks like they have discovered that the real “survival tip” for Comiket is dressing up like someone rich and acting like you’re important. But, of course, don’t forget the key component: plenty of cold, hard cash.

Source: My Game News Flash
Top Image: Twitter/@sengisengi edited by RocketNews24