As the latest Comiket dojinshi gathering continues, many of the best cosplayers from Japan and beyond have come out to strut their stuff dressed as everyone’s favorite anime, video game, and anti-piracy characters.

One such group of cosplayers have been getting attention for their new spin on a relatively old favorite. Taking the original cast of the hit series Love Live! and adding a few extra pounds, this group of youngsters have created Debu Live!, which could best be translated as Tub Live! in order to awkwardly keep the pun intact.

The concept of Tub Live! has been a running gag around the internet for quite some time with titles like Tub Live! School Diet Project and Tub Live! School Pizza Project. In fact, you can even purchase your own Tub Live! T-shirt from Amazon.

Image: Amazon

Photos of the plus-sized idol school project have been popping up on Twitter left and right with the first one grabbing over 20,000 retweets.

▼Breaking: Tub Live! They’re the best!!

▼Awesomely Tub Live

▼ I got to photograph Tub Live lol

Twitter user @micross_, who took the top picture of Tub Live, also tweeted their interaction with the idol costumed unit.

Me: “Could I get a picture please?”
[Taking picture of Tub Live! ]
Me: Very cute!
Tub Live!: Thank you very much! (husky voice)
Tub Live!: We’ll make it okazu!
Me: !!?

In normal Japanese, okazu refers to a kind of side dish that accompanies your bowl of plain rice. However, in more obscure Japanese slang, okazu means content of a sexual nature that might aid one in the act of self-pleasuring.

Although the presence of Tub Live! has been unanimously head-turning, online acceptance of the group has been very much divided and a little confused.

“Is this some kind of Love Live! blasphemy?”
“Tub is sweet.”
“It looks like a pig farm.”
“They look fun. But that husky voice would make me stop and wonder.”
“They all look positively beaming.”
“The one in the middle is the cutest.”
“Wait, I don’t get it. Are they men or women?!”
“They’re probably hot.”

Indeed, Tub Live! comes across as many things to many people, but to Comiket 88 they are cosplay stars.

Source: Twitter via Hachima Kiko (Japanese)