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At RocketNews24, we love anything cat related. We’ve brought you cute cats, crazy cats, clever cats, chunky cats and cuddly cats. Today we bring you a considerate cat because nothing makes us feel more warm and fuzzy than a cat doing a good deed! A video camera installed inside a car captured on film the most thoughtful cat we’ve ever seen as it guides an old lady across a road. Check out the car cam footage after the jump.

As the vehicle comes to a stop at a pedestrian crossing, the driver witnesses a most unusual sight. It would be almost downright unbelievable were it not for the fact that it was caught on video.

But captured it was and here’s the footage of a cat guiding an old lady across the road!

The video is actually from last year, but it’s making the rounds online in Japan right now, and it’s had such an effect on us we just had to share with our readers. The way the cat walks ever so slowly and then stops to check on its elderly owner to make sure she is keeping up is simply the best! That pawse truly made our hearts melt!

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Japan is a country known for its warm and generous hospitality by its citizens, and it seems that Japan’s cats are just as thoughtful.

We think this has to be the most chivalrous cat ever. Whilst most owners usually walk their pet across the road, this friendly feline is walking its owner. And we’re certainly glad that this grandma made it to the other side safely, thanks to this kindhearted kitty.

Source: YoutTube (dinghy1981) h/t CuRAZY
Images: YoutTube (dinghy1981)