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Visiting Japan is one thing, but living there can be something completely different. When many people first visit the country, they get the oohs and aahs of the bright lights in Tokyo and the cultural experience of Kyoto, with plenty of temples, shrines and good food along the way, and by no means is that a bad way to do it! However, you there are some things about Japan that might not sink in during just a brief visit. Living in the country is a unique experience in both awesome and frustrating ways; there may be times when you never want to leave, yet times you feel far from home.

A recently released video gets into some of these complex feelings of foreigners living in Japan in the aptly titled video: Japan Feelings.

▼ “You never know what you’re going to find in Japan.”

The video, created by Manx Media, is a collage of Japan: culture, people, silly things, beautiful scenery and more. In the background, we hear the voices of a variety of foreigners as they share their thoughts, insights, previous anxieties and things they love about their host country.

▼ Sometimes, “It’s just surreal.”

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Among the topics spoken about are feelings of isolation, needing to “be comfortable with being uncomfortable,” “false politeness,” and their difficulties getting into the “inner circle.”

▼ “Japan is a really unique place to come, especially if you’re looking for change.”

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The downsides don’t last long, however, as much of the commentary is focused on praise of the rich culture, the beautiful nature, the generosity of the people and other things that these foreigners love.

▼ “It was like the genki spirit was flowing into me.”

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To them, and to many others who have spent significant time in Japan, it is “an incredible country” where “you never know what you’re going to find.” And as one speaker put it, “Definitely, 100%, Japan has lived up to every one of [my] expectations.” Well said.

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Source, images: YouTube/Manx Media