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We’ve seen Ladybeard, everyone’s favorite little girl trapped in a hairy man’s body, do a wide variety of things. He’s become the star of a metal/pop group, fought Sailor Suit Old Man in a wrestling match, and even shown off his carpeted chest in a boob shirt. But there’s one surprisingly simple thing we haven’t really seen him do yet: cosplay.

Until now. Ladybeard cosplayed as Street Fighter’s Chun-Li at the recent summer Comiket, and the results are unbelievable. His mission is to be the best Chun-Li cosplayer ever, and he’s got the thighs of steel to make it happen!

On August 13, the night before Summer Coniket 88, Ladybeard posted the following tweet:

As anyone familiar with Street Fighter knows, when you’re doing a Chun-Li cosplay, it’s all about the ripped, muscular thighs. Everything else is a distant second, so as far as we’re concerned Ladybeard’s Chun-Li cosplay is the most accurate and amazing one we’ve ever seen.

Here are some more pictures from his Twitter account (click pictures to enlarge):

▼ “The person who made the costume is Yuana Tojo from Y’s FACTORY. She made my last Sailor Moon costume too! Thank you for the perfect costume!”

▼ Panty shot alert!

▼ Beard-Li showing his/her gentler side.

▼ “Got dangerously close to Ladybeard’s Chun-Li cosplay!”

Yatta! Chun-Li wins!

▼ Those poor other cosplayers. No one pays attention to them when Beard-Li is around.

Of course Japanese netizens had some things to say about this:

“I’ve never seen Chun-Li’s legs and kicks so perfectly recreated before!”
“He even got the red eyeliner too. Wow, every last detail is great.”
“Ladybeard why are you so amazing?! And so jacked?!”
“Do Cammy next please!”

What characters would you like to see Ladybeard cosplay next? If he wants to keep doing Street Fighter personally I think he’d make a great Zangief or M. Bison, but those are probably way too manly for a proper young woman like Ladybeard.

Source: Twitter/@Ladybeard_Japan
Top/featured image: Twitter/@Ladybeard_Japan
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