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When you want to impress with your cute culinary skills, Japanese characters are always the way to go. And with plenty of detailed online tutorials out there, it’s easy to whip up something adorable without too much effort. And the choice is endless – you could make Rilakkuma Bath-Time Curry, or whip up some Gudetama pancakes…or you could even bake up a batch of Totoro tarts, like the ones this video teaches how to make!

In the informative and easy to follow video, Rachel Fong from Kawaii Sweet World will show you how to whip up some Ghibli-inspired desserts. Kawaii Sweet World is a YouTube channel dedicated to “cute baking and more!” Let’s check out how to make her Totoro tarts!

The tarts are made using black sesame, a popular ingredient in Japanese desserts, and, as Fong says, a perfect alternative to peanut butter! It also helps to give us the grey hue of Totoro’s fur without using any artificial colouring.

We’re amazed at how intricate the finished tarts look, even though the recipe seems quite simple. It’s all in the details!

Check out the tutorial!

This isn’t the first time Kawaii Sweet World has showcased impressive Totoro food art, though. Fong is also the mastermind behind these gorgeous-looking Totoro Pop Tarts!

If that wasn’t enough cute for you, she also has plenty of other kawaii treats to share, like these Rilakkuma cake pops…

…and these Minion eclairs!

If you love baking, treats, and everything cute, then we advise you to head over to Kawaii Sweet World’s YouTube channel to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Source, images: YouTube/Kawaii Sweet World