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There are a handful of accepted stages people go through when dealing with heartbreak. First, there is denial. Then, bargaining. Then, relapse. Anger. Acceptance. Then, finally, hope, as the subject of the breakup looks to the future and finally finds something worth looking forward to.

Or, if you’re this Chinese woman traveling in Hong Kong, you just lie down on the ground and shout at anyone and everyone who will listen until the police carry you away.

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The scorned woman apparently received a text message from her boyfriend of several years with the news that it just wasn’t working out, and instead of confronting the reality of her ex kind of being a jerk and moving on with her life, she instead decided to just shut down completely, sprawling out on the ground in the middle of Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui disctrict, a major tourist hub famous for its shopping and nightlife.

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She reportedly spent the next hour or more shouting nonsense at passersby, many of whom unfortunately possessed camera-equipped phones with which to record the poor woman’s meltdown, eventually landing the lady a spot on the Chinese news broadcasts, where her breakdown was treated as a sideshow not unlike a video of a pet doing something ridiculous (Chinese news clips, one of which is featured below, are complete with America’s Funniest Home Videos-style comedy music).

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Eventually, the police and what appear to be paramedics of some kind physically strapped the hysterical woman to a stretcher and carried her away, unfortunately not before she’d completely embarrassed herself not just in front of the public around her but to Netizens, too.

While the 24-year-old woman obviously overreacted, a little bit of empathy is certainly warranted here; after all, if you’re going to break up with someone, you should at least have the balls to do it in person, and not via text message while your significant other is on vacation.

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Source: Shanghaiist
Screenshots via: YouTube/D yr