Summer sounds like a great idea in principle, but in practice it can often be a sweaty, uncomfortable slog through weeks upon weeks of slimy humidity, itchy bug bites, and general fatigue. They even have a word for feeling sick from summer in Japan: natsu-bate, which describes the feeling of yucky malaise and sometimes physical illness that can descend on people who just aren’t cut out for constant heat. Natsu-bate can drain your appetite and leave you feeling like the inside of a sweaty sock.

But there are ways to combat summer heat fatigue – and staying hydrated with delicious watermelons is an excellent option. However, many of Japan’s Twitter users are way too busy playing with their melons to actually chow down! Check out this gallery of awesome (and occasionally creepy) watermelon art!

The field of watermelon carving has made some big strides within the art world in recent years. Okay, we might have made that up, but some of these creations are seriously impressive and we reckon they should be on display in a gallery somewhere. Let’s take a look!

Flowers are a popular option for creating an impressive melon display with which to entertain friends and family. All you need is a sharp knife and a decent amount of natural, innate artistic talent. It couldn’t be easier!

▼ Beautiful flowers (oh, and Pikachu)

▼ The tiny hearts are a nice addition!

▼ We love the cute teddy.

▼ These beautifully carved melon bowls are a treat for the eyes AND the taste buds:

▼ Sharks are also very popular this summer

▼ But it’s hard to get them right on your first attempt

▼ This is the cutest fail Melonshark we’ve ever seen!

▼ Anime characters are always a great option to entertain the kids (and the big kids)

▼ Japan’s coolest cat, Jibanyan, makes his fruit debut!

▼ A simple smiley face and some work with a melon baller can still look cool.

▼ Don’t worry if you’re not naturally talented – anything’s better than a plain old undecorated melon!

▼  Instead of a birthday cake, why not a birthday melon?

▼ Okay, here’s where things start to get creepy…

▼ Impressively creepy…

▼ Those grape eyes can see into our souls…

▼ Okay, this carving work is exquisite, but all the exposed red flesh has us feeling a little sick…

▼ Perhaps there’s such a thing as too much realism?

▼  If you’re not artistic at all, perhaps you could enjoy your melon in a different way – by turning it into a helmet. If you don’t mind pulp in your hair, it’ll keep your noggin cool all day!

▼ Don’t forget Fido. Dogs need to keep cool in summer, too.

▼ Of course, cats are already cool, so they don’t need to do  a thing to their melons, except perhaps use them as a pillow for a nice, lazy nap. Gotta conserve your energy in all this heat!

Stay cool, rocketeers!

Source: Gamme
Main Image: Twitter/@01is13