fruit sculpture 1

The beautiful thing about art is that is has no boundaries, no baseline and no rules. You might disagree with someone on the interpretation of how a piece speaks to you, but it is still art.

Everyone remembers their grade school art classes where one of the first assignments was to paint or draw a bowl of fruit, right? It’s a perfect starting point since fruits come in different shapes, sizes and colors, so it’s a great way to figure out how to convert real-life into still-life on the page.

However, there is an amazing artist that is turning that notion on its head, instead of creating a piece of art by looking at the fruit, how about creating art from the fruit itself? This Italian artist is going to blow your mind with his amazing sculptures carved out of a piece of fruit.

Meet Valeriano Fatica, an Italian painter, sculptor, and performance artist who is most widely known on the Internet for his spectacular sculptures of fruits and vegetables.

He takes a variety of fruits and vegetables that we would normally cut up into edible pieces and patiently carves away at them to transform them into life-like monsters, anime characters and adorable animals.

His mediums tend to be watermelons, pumpkins and potatoes, though that hasn’t stopped him from using other produce to create memorable pieces with.

He has tackled a number of iconic characters, including Cell from Dragon Ball Z, the Joker, and Santa Claus.

Check out all his videos on his YouTube channel and the amazing pictures of his work on his Facebook page. Let us know in the comments which are your favorites!

Source: Zhai Zhai Xin Wen
Top Image: Facebook/Valeriano Fatica