The world seems largely split on a cappella music, with some outright hating and others outright loving it. We’re not about to take sides in this debate, but we will say that, if nothing else, it’s always impressive to watch someone do something they’re really good at. Whether it’s crafting katanas or turning candy boxes into art, witnessing skill in action is pretty awesome, and the same goes for a cappella covers — especially when they’re covers of old-school video game music!

So, it’s hardly surprising that this video of a cappella versions of four classic game songs is exploding in popularity online. We’re sure you’ll be impressed too!


The video, which is titled “Four songs performed entirely using my voice,” features voice-only covers of tunes from four classic video games: Final Fantasy IXLegend of ManaPokémon Red and Green, and Dragon Quest 5.  Even if you don’t remember the music exactly, we’re pretty sure you’ll get some flashbacks! And if you’ve never heard the originals before, we think you’re still coming away with a decent idea of what they sound like.

▼ Take a listen for yourself!

According to the video description, the songs are, in order: “The Place I’ll Return to Some Day” from Final Fantasy IX, “The Wind Sings of a Journey” from Legend of Mana, “Road to Cerulean City: Leaving Mt. Moon” from Pokémon Red and Green, and “The Ocean” from Dragon Quest V.

So, which song was your favorite? Be sure to share in the comments!

Sources: Narinari, niconico Douga
Images: niconico Douga