Dogs with round or square haircuts have, for some reason, been trending this year, but rising to Twitter stardom this week is a Japanese bunny named Puni, who somehow manages to look squarish, round and triangular in different photos, without the help of avant-garde grooming techniques or photoshopping!

I’ve had three pet rabbits, and there were times when I thought they looked sort of round or tubular, but never squarish or triangular. How could something so soft and fluffy have straight edges?? Apparently they can, if you manage to find the magic photo angle.

Japanese Twitter user Yuki often shares pictures of their pet rabbit Puni, who is a three-year-old male Netherland Dwarf. Cute animals have always been popular on Twitter, but it was the following set of photos that put the unusually shapely bunny in the limelight.


▼ Some have even mentioned that he looks like a tissue box holder with a bunny design piece on it. Now that you mention it…

Most of the time, though, the adorable Puni seems to just lounge around and go about his bunny business without any particular care for what shape he is in.

▼ Even Puni can’t believe so many people retweeted his photos and got so many new followers on Twitter.


https://twitter.com/punitter_pnpn/status/607570950112944129 https://twitter.com/punitter_pnpn/status/631317465268490240

▼ It’s shedding season!


▼ Charging bunny…

https://twitter.com/punitter_pnpn/status/629598537169276929 https://twitter.com/punitter_pnpn/status/573661540374691840

▼ He looks oval from the top… but then again most bunnies do.

https://twitter.com/punitter_pnpn/status/585013542278991872 https://twitter.com/punitter_pnpn/status/605688965937496065

▼ We can never get enough of bunny butts.


▼ He’s even cuter in action!

To see more of Puni, track him down on Twitter or Vine!

If you have pet bunnies at home, try changing your camera angle and see if your furry one has shapely sides like Puni does!

Source/Images: Twitter (@punitter_pnpn)