creepy scarecrow (1)

Ah, summer. The time to go on hikes through the woods, work up a good sweat… and find horrifying mannequins just lying around abandoned in the middle of nowhere.

That’s what happened to one Japanese Twitter user, and he immediately tweeted the nightmarish pictures for the rest of the world to see. Ready to never want to go for a walk alone again? Then read on!

It all started when @yokkiren tweeted this:

▼ “I go walking in the country a lot and I’ve seen these kind of clothed mannequin-scarecrows before. But this one was washed up by the river and looks horrifying. I freaked out when I saw it.”

What’s that? You want a closer look? Sure, here you go!

▼ Oh no. Ohh noo. Why did I come alone?

creepy scarecrow (1)

▼ I… I want to go home now please.

creepy scarecrow (2)

While you may think this was a rare, isolated event that would never happen to you, consider this: another Japanese Twitter user posted that they had the same experience too:

“I’ve seen a scarecrow mannequin like that before, bobbing up and down in a flooded river the day after heavy rain. For a moment I panicked and thought it was a person. Even when I realized it was a mannequin, my heart was still pounding. Why do these things even exist?!”

So in preparation for the horde of faceless mannequin monsters that are going to come alive in your dreams tonight, why don’t we see what some other Japanese netizens had to say about it:

“…my heart stopped.”
“Yeah, I’d still call the police.”
“Ah, what a refreshingly bone-chilling sight in the hot summer!”
“I hope you packed a fresh pair of underwear.”

What’s the creepiest thing you’ve seen while out for a walk in the wilderness? Are washed up mannequin-scarecrows a common sight where you live, or was this guy just super lucky?

Source: Twitter(@yokkiren) via Hamusoku
Images: Twitter(@yokkiren)