EDM is easily one of most popular music genres around the world today. And we have to admit that we have a soft spot for it ourselves, especially artists like Kiyoshi Sugo. Of course, the scene is full of rising stars, but one in particular has captured the attention of Japanese Internet commenters: MUST DIE!

While dubstep hasn’t made the same inroads in Japan as it has in other countries, there is certainly still an audience for it. And MUST DIE!, an American-born and Berlin-based producer, has recently captured their attention thanks to his enthusiasm for anime and otaku culture as expressed via both social media and some of his songs, like the new track “Onii-chan.”

The fact that MUST DIE! is a fan of anime is hardly a secret to anyone — and really shouldn’t be a surprise either. Any number of other western EDM artists, like Porter Robinson for example, have used anime clips and vocaloids in their songs, but MUST DIE! caught the eyes of Japanese commenters with Facebook posts like these:

▼ Video game tattoos

▼ Anime eyes

▼ Anime screenshots

▼ And this profile description!

mustdieprofFacebook (MUST DIE!)

But it’s not just this young producer’s social media that Japanese commenters have noticed. His music also features anime influences, particularly on an upcoming EP titled Neo Tokyo EP, which includes such songs as “Onii-chan” and “Ebi (Shrimp).”

▼ “Onii-chan”

The song certainly has one of the most…unusual drops we’ve ever heard, though the repeated use of the “Onii-chan!” vocal clip is what our online friends are focused on.

“Up to now, it’s the English used by Japanese artists that has been laughed at, but are we now getting to a point when foreigners will be making Japanese people snicker?”
[In response to above comment] “I’m looking forward to it! It’s the stuff that makes people laugh that becomes the most popular!”
“It’s so funny because the song is so good.”
“With that Belgian politician and this, it seems like the world is being invaded by an otaku perspective.”
“I thought the producer would be the one saying ‘Onii-chan.’ But I guess I was wrong.”

Well, that would have made the song all the more bizarre, wouldn’t it?

Reactions to the song seem split in the English-speaking world as well, with many YouTube commenters not entirely pleased with the high-pitched drop or the anime vocals. Still, plenty of MUST DIE! fans are enjoying the song and the anime influence, so we suppose this one is just going to come down to taste!

If you’re interested in hearing more from MUST DIE!, a teaser video for the EP is available with snippets from each of the songs.

▼ You can also check out some other MUST DIE! tracks below.

The EP is set to be release on August 24, a few days after the producer’s first show in Japan on August 21.

Sources: Yurukuyaru, Facebook/MUST DIE!
Images: Facebook/MUST DIE!