Pancakes have existed since the Greek and Roman eras, and are one of the oldest surviving forms of food made from grain. Whether or not it’s the king of breakfast foods may be debatable, but almost every culture has their own version of this delicious treat.

Since Japan’s pancake kick over the past couple of years, we’ve introduced a number of ways you can add more pancakes to your breakfast or snack menu, like this rice cooker recipe for beginners, or for those of you looking to impress, this pancake character art that almost looks too amazing to eat.

This time we’ve got the scoop on pancake art from another artist in Japan, whipping up plates of not only classic cartoon and anime characters, but other more recent anime and manga favorites as well.

Over the past few months, viewers have been flocking to YouTube user Uriah2004’s channel to check out some amazing pancake character recreations brought to life using nothing but a 28-centimeter (11-inch) frying pan, a spatula, and a single batch of batter for all the coloring and shading.

Here’re a few videos of the chef in action, which we encourage you all to watch until the end to see if you can spot any of your anime or manga favorites.

▼ Conanpancakeart01

▼ Gintokipancakeart02

▼ Three different versions of Hestia

▼ Some other classics

▼ Ponyopancakeart03

▼ Elsapancakeart04

▼ Anpanman and friendspancakeart05

There’s even a spot featuring characters from the World Masterpiece Theater:

If you’re looking to try to start making your own edible masterpieces, Uriah2004’s channel offers a few tips:

  • Use a marble-coated frying pan instead of Teflon one for better coloring/shading
  • Ordinary pancake mix is fine, but Uriah2004 uses soy milk instead of regular milk or water
  • Take the frying pan off the burner and place it on a wet cloth to avoid overcooking the white parts

From the videos, it also seems like most of the detailed work is done before the pan ever touches the burner with an easy-squeeze bottle and a steady hand.

It’s amazing how creative people like Uriah2004 have gotten with a simple breakfast-time favorite, and hopefully in the future we’ll be able to see more of these sweet treats offered at anime conventions, festivals, or cafes. And hey, if you share a love of pancakes and cooking, this might be up your alley as a new hobby or possible career!

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