Geta are traditional Japanese wooden sandals, often still worn by men and women today along with yukata or kimono. They match perfectly with the classic look of traditional Japanese wear, and make a satisfying clip-clop sound on the ground as you walk.

But if you’ve spent any time at all wearing geta, you’ve probably wondered why anyone would want to put something that painful on their feet. Even so, there’s still something visually appealing about them, but we’ve just found some that really take the cake, and these works of art may just be more suited for a display case than they are for walking.

The beautiful acrylic geta with goldfish design are part of Taro Ueoka’s line, Robe Japonica, which infuses traditional Japanese clothing with modern oshare (stylish, chic) design. He made his debut recently at an exhibition in Harajuku held between July 29 to August 4, showing off a number of brilliantly colored and stylishly designed geta.


Image: Facebook/ ROBE JAPONICA

Ueoka’s line isn’t just limited to these acrylic sandals, but also to the fabulous, brightly colored men’s kimono and yukata that go with them.


Image: Facebook/ ROBE JAPONICA


 Image: Facebook/ ROBE JAPONICA

We mentioned before about the dire situation of the kimono industry. Part of the reason for the decline in kimono sales is the lack of interest the younger generation has in carrying on the traditional task of kimono making. Uemura’s line, however, combines bright colors and modern patterns to give clothes a unique, eye-catching look.

Do you like these showy new designs? Or should kimono remain the same as they have been hundreds of years? Let us know what you think below!

Source: Twitter/ @T_ippachi and Facebook/ ROSE JAPONICA
Top image: Twitter/ @T_ippachi