Who doesn’t love a birthday? And while usually the best thing about birthdays is all the cool stuff you get, Starbucks Coffee is instead celebrating 16 years in Korea by giving things away.

To mark this special occasion, the coffee house chain has released a special range of merchandise including an anniversary mug, thermos and, very cool glass tumbler which changes colour as the temperature drops. The color-changing tumbler takes us back to when we were kids and Hypercolor T-shirts were all the rage.

The Starbucks Coffee chain opened its first branch in South Korea on July 27, 1999. For its Sweet 16 this year, they are showing their love and appreciation to Korean customers through a range of limited edition merchandise released in July.

There’s the Starbucks mug, stainless steel thermos (available in black or pink), the 16th anniversary Starbucks Coffee card, and the stylish glass tumbler, all beautifully designed to mark the festive occasion.

But the tumbler is no ordinary cup. To enhance your drinking experience, the glass print changes colour upon pouring in a cold drink. The font is white at room temperature and then turns pink when cold liquid is added.

Watch the colour change right before your very eyes in this video demonstration.

This is one glass that you’ll be wanting to refill all summer long with your favourite Frappuccino or a refreshing iced coffee.

The 16th anniversary tumbler was a huge hit in Korea. Being limited edition, they sold out pretty quickly, but if you missed out on the birthday goods, Starbucks also recently released an elegant floral print range of merchandise depicting South Korea’s national flower (the hibiscus syriacus) to commemorate 70 years of independence, marked from the end of World War II, which you can still get your hands on.

This commemorative range went on sale from August 15 and will be available until the end of the month.

Source: Gamme
Top image: Ebay