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A while back, we introduced you to an adorably terrifying seven year-old karate sensation called Mahiro-chan, who appeared ready to more or less destroy the entire earth with her amazingly quick fists.

Well, if Mahiro-chan is the embodiment of cold, destructive toddler efficiency, this little tot is, uh…kind of maybe the opposite of that. Let’s watch as he valiantly takes on this incredibly thin sheet of balsa wood and almost loses.

ScreenHunter_168 Aug. 20 07.29

As is the case with a lot of viral videos, we don’t have a whole lot of information on our little hero here. We don’t really know his name, but based on the type of gi that he’s wearing, the South Korean flag hanging from the wall, and the board breaking test, it appears this tiny warrior is a practitioner of Tae Kwon Do (also, it’s helpfully spelled out in the video’s title).

But, while the diminutive martial artist appeared completely prepared to take on that quite frankly very sinister-looking board, his small frame apparently just wasn’t up to the task, even though his heart was. He assumes the stance he’s been taught, but after eyeballing that evil board and, perhaps, determining that it needed a more thorough-than-usual ass-kicking, he decides to tackle it with an unorthodox double-footed jump.

ScreenHunter_167 Aug. 20 07.28

This, and most of his subsequent efforts, unfortunately fail, until the board finally gives way, throwing in the towel in the face of this mighty martial artist.

While it appears the little tyke still has some training to do, we’re sure boards the world over will eventually tremble at the very mention of his name.

ScreenHunter_169 Aug. 20 07.30

Source, images: YouTube/ChildrenVids