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Cute as they can be, cats don’t really understand some of the finer points of reciprocating the courtesies their human housemates extend to them. For example, we’re willing to bet that no matter how much you love your pet, you probably don’t lay your head down in its cat bed for a nap when it’s not snoozing there or bypass a trip to the bathroom to just relieve yourself in its litterbox.

Cats, on the other hand, have no qualms about stealing your seat as soon as you get up, basking in the residual warmth from your hindquarters and leaving you with no place to sit when you come back to your desk to finish the project you were working on, email you were writing, or incredibly important RocketNews24 you were reading.

Here with a solution to this turf war is Japanese interior goods brand Bauhutte, which is now selling a reconfigurable chair that foils your kitty’s attempts to hop on when you’re not occupying it.

Bauhutte is an offshoot of Be-s, the quirkily inventive company that produced the combination rolling suitcase/desk that caught the eyes of mobile businesspeople and cosplayers alike. This cat-resistant chair, called Norenya Isu, is just as clever.

The name squeezes together the Japanese words norenai (“can’t hop on”), nya (the onomatopoeia of a cat meowing), and isu (“chair”), and Bauhutte made sure to pack it with as many cat countermeasures as it did puns. The most dramatic, shown below, is that you can fold the backrest forward, putting a lid on the enticingly warm seat cushion that’s beckoning your kitty like cat statues in Japan beckon customers.

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Once folded down, the leftover gap between the seatback and cushion should be too narrow for your cat to jump into. Bauhutte also employs a couple of tricks to discourage your pet from just hanging out on top of the whole thing, by making the outer edge of the backrest stiffly angular and not at all comfortable to perch atop. For maximum protection, folding the back flat should also allow you to slide the entire chair under your desk, as shown in the diagram below.

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And while there may be times when you want your feline friend in arm’s reach, if he’s getting in the way by parking himself on the armrests, you can fold those vertically and make him find somewhere else to chill for a while.

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Norenya Isu is available in three different colors: black, blue, and red.

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Bauhutte lists the chair at 21,600 yen (US$173) on its website, but it’s currently available from Amazon Japan for prices between 13,922 and 19,500 yen (black here, blue here, and red here). We’d recommend buying from the online retailing giant and putting the savings towards a couple of pet toys to keep your cat occupied while you’re using your new chair.

Source: Bauhutte via IT Media
Images: Bauhutte (edited by RocketNews24)