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After all of the amazing cosplay we saw at the recent Comiket 88 event in Tokyo, it’s easy to forget that there are some great cosplayers on the other side of the world too, much closer to home for many of us.

And one such cosplayer who has been getting a lot of Japanese attention recently is Megan Coffey from the U.S. She has been praised for not only her startlingly accurate depictions of numerous female characters, but her creative portrayal of a certain male Saiyan as well.

Does she give one of your favorite characters a 3-D makeover? Read on to find out!

Megan Coffey is a model/cosplayer from the U.S. with several thousand online followers to her name. Up until now most of them have been from the English-speaking world, but now thanks to her being featured on Kotaku Japan, she may find herself flooded by Japanese fans as well.

What makes her so popular, you ask? Well I think the photos will speak for themselves:

▼ Vegeta, you look so different with your hair down!

▼ It’s Nami from One Piece: Film Z. Somehow she makes a costume that looks like a cross between samurai armor and a red bowling ball actually work.

▼ For those who prefer a more traditional Nami, showing off her mikan tattoo.

▼ And while we’re one a One Piece tangent, here’s Perona, everyone’s favorite queen of depression-ghosts.

▼ Oh, Misty. Is there any pokémon-loving boy who didn’t have you as their first crush?
…I mean, excluding me. Of course. Uh, moving on!

▼ Hey, don’t forget, she’s from the U.S. Gotta make time for a little America-inspired cosplay too!

▼ Or some Neopets-inspired cosplay, like the eternally-forlorn Grey Faerie.

▼ Nope, this isn’t her teaming up with another cosplayer, this is her doing both Cammy and Chun-Li! This is easily the second-best Chun-Life cosplay we’ve ever seen.

▼ Time for some Kill la Kill action with Satsuki Kiryuin. How she holds that pose without falling over is anyone’s guess.

▼ And Ryuko Matoi, looking like she’s about to interrupt Mortal Kombat’s fight between Scorpion and Johnny Cage in the bamboo woods.

Attack on Titan’s Hange seems to have arrived in our world and is enjoying what she’s found so far.

▼ I mean, who needs 3-D maneuvering gear when you have a horse?

Suddenly found yourself a fan of Megan’s cosplay? Well no fear, there’s plenty of ways to follow her: on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or DeviantArt. You can see plenty more photos than we could fit here, and show your support for cosplayers all over the world. These brave, costumed warriors bring our beloved anime and video game characters to life, and for that we give our eternal gratitude… with a “like.”

Source: Kotaku Japan
Featured/top image: Facebook (1, 2) (Compiled by RocketNews24)