We all need to make time for exercise, even hardworking students preparing for exams. But between the pressures of class, cram school, homework, and social obligations, it can be difficult to find the time to squeeze in a proper workout, particularly if you’re constantly finding yourself caught in the middle of your friends’ madcap schemes and practical jokes.

However, according to a recent parody of the infamous Wonder Core commercial, getting pranked again and again could well hold the secret to giving you a rock-hard set of abs. Who knew!

The Wonder Core workout machine was patented by Chinese-owned BODYORBIT in 2012, and immediately became an American infomercial success. With just three easy payments of US$49.99, buyers could crunch their way to the six pack they’d always dreamed of.

But as with most things that get imported in Japan, the price also jumped up, which left domestic infomercial leader Shop Japan with the task of coming up with an enticing way to encourage Japanese consumers to take the plunge. This resulted in an unusual set of commercials and a catchy jingle that immediately became a household favorite.

▼ “Taoreru dake de fukkin Wonder Core!” / “Just lean back to work your abs with Wonder Core!”

Since then, a number of parodies have surfaced, the most recent of which featuring a group of high school buddies having a prank fight that results in a pretty rough workout for all involved.



With those kinds of results, we’re not sure if this qualifies as a bad day or a good one.

For those that watched, there might be some benefits in store for you, too. Did you know laughing 15 minutes a day burns 10-40 calories? If you laughed with us, congratulations! You’ve just burned off a bite or two of lunch. And if you didn’t laugh, we hope you came away with at least a smile on your face.

Source: Twitter/@twi_tenkomori
Top image: Twitter/@twi_tenkomori
Feature image: BODYORBIT